Progress 3- Focus course Module 3 starting today.

Atlast, made it to module three. According to the course this is a real deal.
Few things that have sticked till now in the course: The journaling process has been awesome till now. The other habits of setting up clothes and 10 things to do, fizzled out after a new puppy. The puppy was a never planned thing, but we always wanted a pet for the kids. When I started the course, my mornings were only for the course and things to follow up. But with sudden change, am not able to complete the start-up aka week 1 activities in the course. One thing I wished in the course was able to do was, how to stick with the focus needs even in some unplanned conditions.
Week 2 assignments have made me aware of my physical fitness,goals and some baby steps for planning.
Hope to go knee deep into module 3 now.

Cheat sheet guide for good Rest Service.

These are some really good design principles. It is very nicely explained. I preferred following this guide than understanding Rails scafolding. With Java being such a verbose language I felt this was mostly written for Java based application, I preferred this explaination and apply it to RAILS and how it was done there. Sometimes it is frustrating why a specific scaffold behaves in the way it behaves in RAILS. That to say am no way a awesome ruby rails developer. But this link and guide provides industry best practice and reason for it. Good read and nice blog to follow. Link