At last more self check points

My task manager has been reminding me for the past few days to write my blog post. But simply not following through, what I did in my focus course. But doing a self point check, Here is the another solution for freecodecamp challenge. The problem to solve is search and replace a specific string in an sentence. So the idea of the solution is get the input string, break into an array. Match the “before” parameter with one of the array element, if there is a match that is found then check for case sensitivity of the first character of the “before” parameter. If there is a match then change the “after” parameter to match the same case. Join all the array elements and return them.

function myReplace(str, before, after) {
 var arrayOfStrings =str.split(' ') ;
  for( var i=0;i<arrayOfStrings.length;i++){
   return arrayOfStrings.join(' ');

Few interesting things that caught my attention was couple of 60 minutes reports. If you have not watched the phone hooked episode, here is the link. The concept of brain hacking is very interesting. The other report that I thought was not reported well is the H1B visa abuse. I think H1B visa got popular and not take away jobs.

The stem was the Y2K bug, which demanded lot of software developers from India to finish the job to convert all the Y2K programs. You did not have to be thinking hard to convert those programs in a software developer world. It was more repetitive and someone who had knowledge how to do that repetitive job be able to do it. There was no need for much analytical and technical skill to get things done for resolving Y2K bug.

The employee from children hospital was very passionate about his users, I don’t think there is any less compassion from a good programmer from any part of the world. The open source community thrives only because of developers who are passionate about making the world better. Continuing on that is when some of the firms got to see the software programmers from India and they simply got hooked to the model. The US consulate in my home town chennai knew there were only 4 firms that had a mainframe computer for training and it was impossible for those four firms to train and develop so many mainframe programmers. It had a blind eye giving out Visas for Y2K developers. The spigot got opened for the outsourcing firms at that point. I think the story was not retold properly to say how it started and how the big corporations evolved to latch onto the software engineers that they got during the Y2K boom and how that spilled into a boom where the outsourcing firms simply exploited it from then on.
Software programmers from India were never intending to get the jobs from their peers as reported, they were shipped with all skills to meet the demand where body count was more important.

Finally the book of the season is Chaos monkey. I thorougly enjoyed the book and the bitching about the various silicon valley startups was really amazing. Check it out.