My MooC concluded., it is the happiness course.

After almost so many years of trying and meddling., I was able to finish the first MooC Course from coursera. Here is the course I was able to finish A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment. It was 6 for weeks, good measured content and was very practical in the application part as well.

  • Week 1 starts about the shortcomings of happiness
  • Week 2 was about how to establishing a flow when doing work and daily tasks
  • Week 3 was about “creative alturism” it is very fancy way of saying give and do a lot charitable work.
  • Week 4 was about being overly controlling and how to go about getting some remedy for it.
  • Week 5 was “smart trust”. I think this was very applicable for being a good team member and a life partner.
  • Week 6 was kind of a dud., but I think that is the solution for everything.
    This matched perfectly with OAK meditation app that am being a beta test user.