Missed items of this year.

There are several things that I wanted to accomplish this year:

  • Do a blog post regularly No success
  • Complete all the freecodecamp certificates
    • The changes came, and boatload new challenges that got added, unable to complete all the certifications.
    • Finished at least a couple of them.
      Hoping to finish the reminder this year as part of the #100daysofcode
  • Complete Venkat’s concurrency course. That was one heck of a head spinner, but glad was able to watch it and get a little bit of hang of it.
  • Complete the Bealdung’s Spring Rest Course. Done with 53% of it :-). I loved going over this.
    • Start writing technical articles for Baeldung. But I got good feedback from them and was asked to think about writing for them!!
  • Completed certification for a modern era’s PowerBuilder tool called onBase. An impressive suite of tools for doing a lot of business automation, but learning it gave me the feeling that I was back to good old PowerBuilder programming days.
  • Completed the Scrum certification. Yep effective this year am officially a scrum master for next two years until I keep up with CE.
  • Renewed PMI certification with some bootstrap courses.
  • I went to get trained in AWS and Azure. The love of DevOps has multiplied like crazy. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute time to this community.
  • Am yet to submit my iPhone app to the app store. Probably that would be the first thing I will be working this year.

Best podcast for the year

  • Believed If you have not heard this, you should start right away.

Best Binge watched show

Best product that I bought this year

Best app development product I used for the year