Kotlin – Spring boot update blog

This is a blog entry addresses three problems Quickly parse a CSV file Store the CSV file data in a Postgres SQL DB Use the latest Thymeleaf template to display the data I could not find a few quirks that faced along with the latest version of Boot and the corresponding tweaks that are needed […]

Java 18 – starter kit

Started doing some GISTS around Java 18., The new String text block to convert String objects to a JSON string., here is the quick GIST

Resume Builder- Full stack Engineer

It is getting tricky being a full stack engineer in free lance world. So if you have a belt of experience, and want to tailor an resume stack with your skills, each engagement demands a new version of your resume based on the technical stack that is needed, I tght of doing a mini series […]

CosmosDB and H2 dual update.

Trying to get to the habit of blogging often this year. New year’s resolution, hoping I can make it as a habit. One of the interesting thing I was struggling was to try out was a dual update to two data-sources and work through a model where spring batch kicks off the entire workflow. Azure […]


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